As she traced the outline of her mother and father's tattoos with a pen in hand, she couldn't help but let her imagination run wild with ideas she would one day let her children trace on the depths of her skin. As she grew older, she filled her blank canvas with scripts and images that told a story of her life without having to mumble a single word.

Lover of all things creative, her weekdays are spent working as a freelance cosmetologist. She spends quiet nights at home working on her handmade custom jewelry line. Weekends are spent at modeling gigs and selling her jewelry at art fairs. You can also find her crystal jewelry inside gift shops and boutiques all over Los Angeles.

Today's society is parted by those who believe art is beautiful and those who cannot understand it. She aspires to be a role model for those who are trapped by society's expectations of what is beautiful. By seeing her face on the pages of ink magazines, and seeing her jewelry and hair visions come to life, she hopes to give women the courage to be their own judge of what is beautiful.

Corrina Rose