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 Tattoo Model |  Jeweler | Cosmetologist

As she traced the outline of her mother and father's tattoos with a pen in hand, she couldn't help but let her imagination run wild with ideas she would one day let her children trace on the depths of her skin. As she grew older, she filled her blank canvas with scripts and images that told a story of her life without having to mumble a single word.

Born October 21, 1989 and raised in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, Corrina "COKEY" Rose is by definition a true valley girl. Her local tattoo shop has become her safe haven where she keeps her deepest and juiciest secrets - and walks out with them imprinted on her artistic skin.

Being of Jewish and Russian decent, she forfeited her rights to be buried the traditional way when she got her first tattoo. However, that was a small price to pay for feeding her soul with a passion that felt natural to her. Over the years, she has gained the respect of her family members who now see her as the unique individual she truly is.

Show me a woman with tattoos and I'll show you a woman with an interesting past. Now at age 25, the gaps between her freckled body are filled with moments in her life that are now embedded memories of a story only she could tell and others could admire.
Today's society is parted by those who believe tattoos are beautiful and those who cannot understand it. She aspires to be a role model for those who are trapped by societies expectations of what is beautiful. By seeing her face on the pages of ink magazines, she hopes to give women the courage to be their own judge of what is beautiful.

She's here to tell her story, one photo at a time.

Who is she? Well, did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Corrina Rose, that is.

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Corrina - The Tattoo Model

Corrina - The Jeweler

Corrina - The Cosmetologist

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With 10 years of experience and working out of Granada Hills, California, Corrina is now again accepting new clients by appointment only. To schedule a consultation, use contact box above with the SUBJECT: HAIR.